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Sleep ing with the Lurki ng Crawlies!

Dust mite  allergens are one of the most common triggers of asthma and other bedroom allergies, especially among children and the elderly. But it's not the dust mites themselves that trigger allergic reactions. The culprit is actually a protein found in their droppings that causes humans to produce antibodies.

Dust mites are often associated with nighttime allergies because mattresses and bedding are the ideal dust mite habitat. They thrive in moist, warm environments with a plentiful food supply of dead skin cells. Our beds provide every amenity dust mites need to reproduce and flourish. Because we all perspire during the night, our beds become a warm, humid environment. If your mattress and/or bedding is made of synthetic materials or down feathers that aren't breathable, it can make matters worse by trapping moisture. The same goes for your pillow. The heat and moisture from your head and breath are absorbed by your pillow. Synthetic foams, polyester fibers, and down feathers are commom fills for pillows and become breeding grounds for dust mites.   


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CNN reports on Dust Mites causing Ashma & Allergies


The best way to remove Dust Mites, Dust Mites Droppings and other fine dust particles from our indoor environment is The HYLA Hydro Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner from Germany.

Have you ever realized how fresh the air smells after a heavy rainfall? Did you notice that the air is so fresh after outdoor air has been wash by the heavy rain? HYLA cleans the air just like what nature does to the outdoor air. This is because HYLA uses a unique water-bath filtration cleaning system, which uses ONLY WATER as a filter.



This is how HYLA GST works

Air is drawn into the cleaner via a special patented rotating separating mechanism (turning at 25,000 rpm or 416 times a second!) turns the water in the Hyla water pan into a simulated rainstorm. While at the same time, sucks in dirt and poluted air through the inset or though our accessories. Dust Particles from the air will bind with water just as rain water trap the dust particles in the open air space. In such high speed, dust particles ramaining in the air inside the water pan will bounced back off the Rotating Separator and get drown in the water.

HYLA GST Separator

  This is made possible only with the use of Hyla advanced modern technology which prevents the entry of any water into the motor.

Our extremely high quality materials and workmanship standars enable us to produce a product with a lifetime of well over 10 years.

And now, with the introduction of the miraculous HYLA NEW SEPARATOR TECHNOLOGY (worldwide patents applied for) the new HYLA GST is not only more efficient than ever before, but also the new separator NEVER needs cleaning after use! (It is now "self cleaning by design"!)

 HYLA GST Vacuum Cleaner

   Enjoy Water Washed Air Vacuum Your Entire Home 
Are you suffering from allergies, asthma or other breathing problems? Or are you simply health conscious? Let the HYLA work while you are not at home and you will return to clean water-washed air. HYLA's efficient water-bath filtration traps dust, pollen and allergens. Odors are thoroughly washed out. And if you add a few drops of fragrance into the water the air is refreshed at the same time. Aromatherapy and air-deodorising are just more examples of many other applications for your HYLA! 

HYLA GST Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Your Entire Home Water-bath filtration ensures superior airflow and filtration efficiency, both vital for effective vacuuming. That's why the HYLA comes with a full assortment of useful attachments! It thoroughly deep-cleans carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery and dusts furniture and hard floors. And be assured that what the HYLA picks up---dust and dirt, mould, mildew, germs, dust mite droppings and other allergens---is trapped by the water-bath filtration system.You will SEE, FEEL and SMELL THE DIFFERENCE in your home!

HYLA GST sucks up liquid

No More Worrying About Spilled MilkThanks to HYLA's water-bath filtration, no adjustments are necessary for picking up liquids. Whether milk, red wine, ketchup or yoghurt, liquid spills are so easy to clean up. So, don't panic any more if there is a small accident---HYLA handles them all easily!



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Due to our fast market expansion, we are looking for ambitious person (male & female) to join our HYLA product demonstating team. Applicants must be self-motivated and willing to work hard to built a good career. Most importantantly you must be willing to give your best & honest service to our clients. 


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Posted on  Aug 11, 2012, 10:40am by Ms Tan, KL  

X5 Mop is a Great Steam Cleaner to clean and sanitise the floor. Especially great to remove oil from the kitchen floor after stir and deep frying. The extra cleaning tools included are very useful for cleaning stains and mildew from the grouting between all the wall & floor tiles. Good, reliable service and I would highly recommended everyone of my friends and relatives to buy from Good Online Solutions.  


Posted on  Dec 18, 2012, 14:50pm by Ms Soo, KL  

I love using X5 Steam Mop to clean my greasy kitchen floor after every deep frying and stir frying. It's so easy to remove the oil and  the floor always feels so squeeky clean after using this X5 Steam Mop.